Homework 29.09.17


Writing Plan – Creative Writing – titled ‘A Celtic Adventure’ or “A Pictish Adventure”

Success Criteria:

I can write a story with a clear beginning, middle and end.

I can describe my characters.

I can describe the setting

Plus your personal writing target.


Basic Facts Orally/Times Tables

Reading – Reading for pleasure

English Spelling

Celtic Shield – Research, design and make a Celtic Shield (For end of Term 1)


Homework 4.9.17

Maths –

Basic Facts Orally/Times Tables

If you have kitchen scales, practice weighing things at home.

Reading – Reading for pleasure

English and Gaelic Spelling

Celtic Shield – Research, design and make a Celtic Shield (For end of Term 1)


General INFO for Parents on Homework / Obair-dachaigh


General Information

English Phonics: Use phonic ruler to go over the sounds and actions you have learnt this week.  (P4)

Gaelic/English Reading:  Pick a book from the library which you can read independently.  Read for at least 5-10 minutes each night (Monday to Thursday).  If you find the book a little too easy or difficult bring it back and exchange it for something more suitable.  (P4 should read the first page or 2 aloud to a parent to confirm it is at the correct level – then they can read silently.)  You may keep the book over the weekend if you wish.  Ask Mum and Dad to sign the Homework record each night to confirm you have done your reading.

Spelling:  The word are a mixture of phonic based words and common words.  Targeted spelling will also be used.  Most children prefer to do the spelling each night – a column a night – using the look, say, cover, write, check method.  It is useful for the child to be tested by the parent on the Thursday night as they may be tested on spelling words on Friday/Monday.

Writing: The children will be advised of the genre and writing topic every week.  It really helps them to talk through their ideas with an adult.  They should then draw a picture to remind them what they are going to write about or they can draw a mind map or make a list.  They should know what is going to happen at the beginning, the middle and at the end of their story.  P6-7 complete more sophisticated writing plans.  The plans should be completed and brought into class ready to write every Thursday.

Times Tables:  The children using playing cards to practice their times tables, they also use flash cards which they have made themselves.  They aim to run through the flash cards in order in under 30 seconds and out of order in under 45 seconds to show that they know them well enough to progress to the next times table.  P4 have  been shown how to use their playing cards to practice their current times table.

Maths:  This may be a maths game to play on the computer at home or a worksheet.

Occasionally children may be given homework relating to topic work, science or French.

Homework should not take more than 30 minutes per night to complete.  If it is taking longer than that please get in touch with me and I can offer suggestions to improve homework time.   Please remember to sign your child’s homework diary Monday – Thursday to evidence that homework has been done – they can then claim homework house points.


Mrs Hayes

Gaelic Football

Just a reminder, Gaelic Football has now finished for this session, therefore, there will be no Gaelic Football on tomorrow or next week.

Many thanks to Mr Beaton and Mr Eaglesfield for all your hard work.  The kids have really enjoyed it.


Mrs Hayes